Shoe Box Appeal

Shoe Box Appeal

Date/Time Sunday 04, November 2018 - 00:00

Emersons Green Baptist Church are taking part in the Shoe Box appeal again this year. If you would like to participate collect a Leaflet from the Village Hall and return your filled Shoeboxes to the Village Hall by Sunday 4th November. Thank You'. 

Suggested gifts to pack are as follows;

Toys: soft toys,small musical instruments,jig-saw, yo-yo,building blocks, cars,dolls tennis ball.

Educational: pens,paper,notebook,chalk,stickers.

Hygiene items: Toothpaste,toothbrush,soap,flannel,hairbrush

Other items: Sweets(sell by date to be at least March 2018),gloves,scarf,sunglasses,hat,bangles,necklace.


Items not accepted

No food(especially chocolate)

No Medicine or vitamins

No war related items,toy guns,soldiers or knives

No clothing except what is on the list above.

No glass or mirrors

No liquids including shampoo,bubble bath or blow bubbles

No novels

Nothing of a political nature

No hand knitted stuffed toys.

Please cover the box & lid seperately in Xmas paper.

A suggested donation of £5 donation is critical for the project, this covers the following;

1.Shipping to 17 Countries

2.Processing costs

3.Project materials

4.Collection costs

5.Training local Churches